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Hey there! I will try to post a few things up here a week if I can find anything so don’t forget to keep checking back! There are some spoilers, so watch out! I will post the news in the comments bit, so the most recent news will be at the bottom. Feel free to add any of your own news that you have found out! Thanks!

  1. 009bond says:

    Hi! This is 009bond reporting!

    Recent news – Robert Kirkman reveals what the future holds for the group beyond the barn situation – will they stay or leave?
    Kirkman: Hershel was already asking them to leave once Carl was healed. I don’t think after everything that happened at the end of this episode, he won’t suddenly be like, “Never mind, you guys can stay.” Whether or not they’re on the farm or off the farm, the conflict of that is really going to drive the story.

    Kirkman also says that they have confirmed that a new character from the comics will definitely be added to the mix – the Samurai Michonne. He also talks about the bunch of new faces that will be coming in, careful not to give anything away. He also hints about a possible refuge at a prison later on in the series – as comic readers may have some suspicions about.

    Thanks for reading!

  2. 009bond says:

    Me again!

    Just to let you know, when Kirkman was asked who outside the main cast would be returning he mentioned Merle Dixon ( Daryl’s brother ) and also Morgan ( the guy who Rick met in the first episode, season 1 ) but didn’t confirm anything as it would ruin any possible surprises AMC might have up their sleeves.

    Plus, AMC have officially announced that there definitely will be a season 3 – yippee!

    Be back soon!

  3. 009bond says:

    009Bond reporting!


    Information on the casting may have been leaked online, but there is no confirmation and may be just a rumour.

    They say about two new characters, Tony (25 year old) and Dave (40 year old) who are friends from Northern US. It also mentions Randall (20 year old) and again says about Michonne who will appear in Season 2 with Stansell, her zombie pet….(You’re probably thinking what I’m thinking – is this for real?!)

    Only other news is that The Walking Dead Season 2 has been nominated for a Saturn Award in the category “Best Television Series” going up with BBC’s ‘Torchwood’, ‘True Blood’ and FX’s ‘American Horror Story’ to name a few.

    That’s all, TWD fans!
    14/12/11 Merry Christmas!

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