Daryl’s best quotes

Episode 3 – Daryl “You take that stupid hat and go back to ‘On Golden Pond'”

Episode 4 – Miguel ” Ayudame!”

Daryl ” Shut up, you’re gonna bring the geeks down on us!”

Episode 4 – Daryl ” One wrong move, and you get an arrow in the ass. Just so you know,”

Miguel ” G’s gonna take that arrow outta my ass, and shove it up yours. Just so YOU know,”

Episode 4 – Rick ” We’re not alone in here, remember?”

Daryl “Screw that,”

Episode 4 – Daryl ” Had enough in ‘im to take out these two son of a bitches……………one handed.”

Episode 4 – Daryl ” Get that old lady outta the line of fire!”

Episode 4 – Daryl ” You got some balls for a chinaman”

Glenn ” I’m Korean,”

Daryl ” Whatever,”

Episode 3 – Daryl “Come on people, what the hell? It’s gotta be the brain, don’t y’all know nothin’?”

Episode 5 – Daryl ” You’ve gotta be serious. You gonna’ let that girl hamstring us. The dead girl’s a time bomb!”

Episode 5 – Daryl ” Take the shot. Clean, in the brain, from here. Hell, I can hit a Turkey between the eyes form this distance,”

Episode 5 – Daryl ” I say we put the pick axe in his head, and the dead girls’ and be done with it,”

Shane ” That what you’d want?”

Daryl ” Yeah, and I’d thank you while you did it,”

Episode 5 – Daryl ” The line’s pretty clear, zero tolerance for walkers,”

Episode 5 – Daryl ” You go lookin’ for aspirin, do what you need to do. Somebody needs some balls to take care of this damn problem,”

Episode 5 – Daryl ” I still think it’s a mistake, not burning these bodies. That’s what we’d said we’d do, right? Burn ’em all. Weren’t that the idea?”

Rick ” At first,”

Daryl ” The chinaman gets all emotional, says it’s not the thing to do. We just follow him along!?”

  1. Jo says:

    soooo funny lol!

  2. Michele says:

    Other may think different, but to this point he’s given southerners a good name.

    Bad ass with a good heart.

    Gotta love him

  3. Angelitocurioso says:

    I Love Daryl!!

  4. M. Hebert says:

    Daryl we love your redneck, sleeveless, sexy self! You got zen baby!!!

  5. blazz says:

    You have got to respect him, he da bomb.

  6. Anonimo says:

    yo creo k se enamorara Daryl y Carol

  7. claire delaney says:

    Darly is some legend. he is unreal sexy the bone arrow makes him.

  8. Willow says:

    At first I hated Daryl ” he’s such a dick I want hem to die” now it’s ” I love hem I don’t want hem to die”

  9. sam johns says:

    people in hell want slurpees!

  10. Aya Shan says:

    Darly is my favorite character, if he dies. I dont watch the show no more. I also think that Carol and Him should be together ^^

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