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“The Suicide King”

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Episode nine of season three returns the popular series after the mid-season interval and does so with a kick.

“The Suicide King” begins where episode eight left off; Daryl and Merle in the fighting ring at Woodbury.

Here, the Governor forces them to fight till death so they pretend to fight each other so as to please him and the audience.walking-dead-suicide-king-andrea

Within minutes, Rick and Maggie arrive to save him and, after fighting and chaos, Merle and Daryl return to Michonne and Glenn who are waiting by the car near the woods.

After what Merle had done to them, Glenn and Michonne threatened him and they decided Merle could not enter the group. Daryl said he wouldn’t stay if Merle couldn’t, so took off with his brother into the woods.









The last episode meant action, action, action – and edge of your seat it was! It showed the group try to kill the herd of walkers that invaded the farm, then try to flee to the highway – but leaving Andrea behind. Andrea met Michonne in the woods – with her two zombie pets! The final scene showed Rick deliver a speech and then ended on a prison with strong walls all the way round… Season 3 – with 16 episodes – returns this fall!


Episode 12 – Better Angels

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

This episode shows the situation with Randall unfold as Shane leads him into the woods. He snaps his neck then returns to the farm after hiding the gun and banging his nose on the tree and pretending Randall got away. As Rick, Shane, Glenn and Daryl venture into the woodland Randall appears as a walker. He had no bites, no sign of infection yet he was a walker. Next, Shane and Rick fight each other and Rick decides it’s no use and stabs Shane. Carl comes over the horizon to see Shane as a walker – it seems if you die you turn into a walker. Carl then shot him.

The episode ends with a herd of walkers honing in on Rick and Carl – what will happen?

Episode 11, originally aired on March 4th 2012, showed the group split on whether or not to kill Randall, and if so – how to do it. It also showed Carl make Rick doubt the whole situation with Randall as his own son willed him to kill the young boy. Carl then goes into the woods after stealing Daryl’s gun and finds a walker stuck in the swamp. Carl has a funny turn and runs away after tempting the walker and getting grabbed, dropping the gun and leaving it there. Later on, Dale is tragically killed by the same walker that Carl tempted out of the muddy marsh in which it was stuck.

Tell us what you think about The Walking Dead now.

As the barn full of walkers situation unfolds, it shows Rick doubting himself as leader as a scene in the bar with Dave, Tony, Glenn and Herschel shows. Meanwhile, Lori is stuck in a car after crashing it by hitting into a walker and the family back at the farm care for the young girl who is shocked.

I think Rick shooting Dave and Tony as pictured above could stir things up a little, as they said they were travelling with a larger group, so if they find two of their gang dead they will search the nearby area seeking revenge perhaps. We’ll see how this pans out.

Next episode – ‘ Triggerfinger ‘ – February the 19th 2012

The 12th of February will be the official airing date for the US and is only a few days away. So, lets swat up on what happened last episode:

– Shane shoots the walkers in the barn and leaves Herschel devastated

Reports suggest that ‘True Blood’s Michael Raymond-James has joined the crew of The Walking Dead along with Aaron Munoz who will make an appearance in the midseason premiere ‘ Nebraska ‘ on February 12th 2012.

Michonne’s appearance has not yet been confirmed but rumours show that True Bloods Rutina Wesley had been cast for the role.