“The Suicide King”

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Episode nine of season three returns the popular series after the mid-season interval and does so with a kick.

“The Suicide King” begins where episode eight left off; Daryl and Merle in the fighting ring at Woodbury.

Here, the Governor forces them to fight till death so they pretend to fight each other so as to please him and the audience.walking-dead-suicide-king-andrea

Within minutes, Rick and Maggie arrive to save him and, after fighting and chaos, Merle and Daryl return to Michonne and Glenn who are waiting by the car near the woods.

After what Merle had done to them, Glenn and Michonne threatened him and they decided Merle could not enter the group. Daryl said he wouldn’t stay if Merle couldn’t, so took off with his brother into the woods.









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